My name is Rianna Conner Carpenter aka “The Combat Barbie!” I’m a U.S. Marine Veteran. I was given the nickname “Combat Barbie,” from the Marines I served with in the Corps! They gave me this nickname because of the fact that I was so girly and loved to show my femininity! This nickname stuck with me throughout my military career and still to this day! I served this great country of ours for over 7 years, and made it to the rank of Sergeant! I’m originally from a 40 acre farm in the very middle of California, in a small town called Kerman. Growing up on the farm, I spent my week-nights, weekends, and “summer vacations” in the fields with my grandparents doing back-breaking labor to produce our family crop. Growing up the way I did forever instilled a great work ethic and burning ambition in my soul. And as soon as I graduated high school, I joined the U.S. Marine Corps at 18 years old. I wanted to join the Marines because it honestly scared the crap out of me. No one believed that a small girly-girl like me could make it, and neither did I. But I wanted to give it a shot, so that I wouldn’t have to spend the rest of my life wondering, “what if?” So I took the first plane to Parris Island, and after 3 months of complete hell, I earned my Eagle, Globe, and Anchor (EGA.) Becoming a Marine gave me confidence like never before, and I still carry it to this very day. While in the Marine Corps, I served in a plethora of awesome places such as San Diego, CA and I also served on a deployment in Afghanistan in 2012, for Operation Enduring Freedom. After 2 enlistments of Honorable Service, I am now a proud U.S. Veteran! I am currently pursuing modeling full-time, doing photo shoots almost everyday of the week. My favorite photo shoots to attend are pinup style! I feel like pinup photography is my calling! Something about the old-school, vintage style just sets my soul on fire! Especially when it’s a military themed pinup shoot! Robert Alvarado is my favorite photographer, because he has mastered the military pinup look! Other than modeling, I am also completing my bachelor’s degree online, and I also own my own clothing company called ‘Combat Barbie Clothing.’ Combat Barbie Clothing has clothing items specifically for all of the beautiful & badass women out there! And there are some items for badass men too! My clothing items represent a mixture of positivity and patriotism! I hope people feel their best when they wear my clothing items! Social media has opened so many doors for me! It has helped me connect with so many amazing people, businesses, and organizations! I’m so fortunate to have such amazing love and support from my fans online! I can’t believe I recently reached 400 thousand followers on Instagram! I love connecting with my followers and reading their kind messages and comments! But along with all of the positive feedback I receive, I also receive some very odd messages. I can’t count how many times people have offered to pay me for my used bikinis or lingerie! And don’t even get me started on the daily marriage proposals! I always get a good laugh out of messages like that. I guess it comes with the territory of being a “professional hot chick.” But at the end of the day, my mission as ‘The Combat Barbie’ is to show the world that it is possible to be completely yourself and achieve all of your dreams! I hope my story inspires at least one person out there! If a small girly-girl like me can accomplish what I have, you can too! Dream big and believe in yourself! The rest falls into place after that!

-Rianna Conner Carpenter “The Combat Barbie”